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Ground-based astronomy is driven by the quest for larger apertures, higher angular resolution, larger Fields-of-View (FoV) and wider wavelength coverage. In the past 10 years, constraints to optimize both telescopes and instruments in this parameter space have been significantly relaxed thanks to highly innovative technology developments, amongst which Adaptive Optics (AO) has been a key player. 

By gathering a large range of experts in telescope instrumentation, and in particular in Adaptive Optics, we hope to cover topics ranging from design of astronomical AO systems, including modelling, simulation and real-time wavefront reconstruction and control, demonstration through pathfinders, on-sky calibrations, tools for observation planning and post-processing. A specific focus will be given to Wave-Front Sensing (WFS) Techniques, with topics around WFS strategies, Classical/Extreme AO WFS, Wide FoV WFS, and advances in detector technologies. Contributions related to the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in our field are most welcome.

The workshop aims to assess the current state of the art and the forefront of AO by gathering and fostering exchanges between junior and senior researchers. In this context, we particularly encourage young scientists (Ph.D students and postdocs) to present their on-going research and interact with renowned experts.

This workshop is a continuation of the WFS Workshops organized in Marseille, Padova, Paris and Arcetri  and the Workshop week organized in Durham.

As such, it is the result of the positive fusion of the 5th edition of the WFS workshop, and the 2nd edition of the OPTICON-supported AO workshop week initially planned for Porto.


We look forward to seeing you all online, healthy and motivated for a successful workshop!

Mamadou N'Diaye, Carlos Correia, on behalf of the SOC/LOC



The lastest version of the agenda can be found here.

Important dates

24st June 2020 | registration opens

4th September 2020 | workshop is set to fully virtual

11th September 2020 | abstract submission deadline

2nd October 2020 | final program

13th October 2020 | workshop starts



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